Book Promotion

The Good Book Collective gives readers and writers the opportunity to promote the books they love.

Every Good Book Collective author will:

  • Have a page on the site with their bio, links to buy books, shareable social media graphics, a listing of outreach opportunities, and a contact form

  • Be part of the Good Book Collective publishing class the year their book comes out

  • Be able to link their blogs and newsletters to the Good Book Collective newsletter

  • Have their book promoted to the member community and on social media

  • Have the opportunity to build relationships with readers who want to help promote your book

  • Receive the Good Book Collective digital book seal

  • Be included in an annual catalog sent to independent bookstores

  • Receive entry in the Good Book Collective "Book of the Year" award

Every Good Book Collective reader will:

  • Is encouraged to promote the Good Book Collective books they love with attractive, easy-to-use social media materials

  • Can easily see if authors are available for book clubs, podcasts, or other activities

  • Receives the Good Book Collective monthly newsletter to keep them updated on upcoming books and their favorite authors

  • Is invited to Zoom talks with Good Book Collective author

  • Is encouraged to review Good Book Collective selections

Readers who are really excited about a book

have the opportunity to become part of an author's launch team.