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  • Is the Good Book Collective a publisher?
    No. The Good Book Collective helps selected authors self-publish their books. The Good Book Collective never collects royalties or a percentage of an author's earnings. Writers will be charged a submission fee.
  • Is there a charge for writer submissions?
    Yes. Writers will be charged to submit a novel to the Good Book Collective. Our goal is to keep prices as low as possible, and submission fees are tiered based on the amount of feedback and support a writer gets from the organization. Through August 31, 2022, the the total charge for submission is $100 . The payment of $100 is due upon submission. Feedback will be given to the writer as it comes in from readers. All feedback is expected within ten weeks.
  • Can I submit my novel again after receiving feedback from readers?
    No. Writers may submit a different novel, but are not allowed to resubmit a novel, even if they have edited it and changed the title. The Good Book Collective is not an editing or beta-reading service, and we suggest novels be edited, polished, and ready for publication before they are submitted.
  • What do you mean when you say I need to submit a 'polished' novel?
    The Good Book Collective only allows one submission per novel. If you submit a blurb that readers aren’t interested in pursuing, you do not get to resubmit that novel, regardless of further editing or title changes. Because of this, you want to make sure each piece of your submission has been thoroughly edited and reviewed. ​ Here are some things to consider before submitting to the Good Book Collective. Have you edited your blurbs and manuscript? Have you worked with critique partners, editors, and/or book coaches to improve your submission materials? Have you had beta readers review your manuscript? Is every chapter, paragraph, and sentence of your submission materials as good as you can make it? We do not want to discourage submissions. Instead, we want you to be successful, and having fully polished submission materials will help.
  • How many people will read and review my novel?
    Our goal is to have ten people review each draft manuscript. Some books will not make it this far in the review process. Only readers who are an exact match to the genre and subgenre you submit will read your blurb, first chapters, and manuscript. We aim to have enough reviews to determine which books will be successful. We also want to leave plenty of readers who will want to purchase your novel. As we receive more data we may update these numbers, and we will keep this FAQ updated.
  • How is my submission protected from others using it?
    According to the U.S. Copyright Office "All works that are unpublished, regardless of the nationality of the author, are protected in the United States." The Good Book Collective will never use any submission for any purpose other than to have it reviewed and to assist the author as explained in this website. All readers are required to agree to the following statement each time they review a submitted work: The writer owns the copyright to all of the submission materials. I will not copy or use any part of the submission in any way other than as part of this review process.
  • How do you match readers and writers?
    Each reader fills out a survey to determine the types of books they like to read. Readers may choose multiple genres and subgenres. When writers submit, they are asked to pick the one genre and subgenre that best fits their novel. Submissions are only sent to readers who have picked that novel's genre and subgenre. Here are the genres and subgenres: GENRES Women's Fiction - stories that revolve around the journey and evolution of one or more main characters Romance - stories that revolve around the relationship between two characters who end up together SUBGENRES Contemporary - stories occur in our current world and society Historical - stories occur in a period in history and attempt to portray the spirit and conditions of that time Fantasy/Paranormal - stories occur in a fictional universe (fantasy) and/or include beings outside of the known world (paranormal) Science Fiction - stories occur in an imagined future world Mystery - stories focus on a crime or other situation that needs to be solved Thriller - stories characterized by suspenseful and often dark plots Horror - stories written to scare or shock the reader Religious - stories with religious elements Erotica - stories that include explicit sex
  • Is the Good Book Collective an editing or beta-reading service?
    No. The Good Book Collective uses reader feedback to determine which books to support with self-publishing information and marketing opportunities. We encourage writers to submit edited and polished manuscripts.
  • Does the writer know which readers provide feedback on their manuscript?
    No. All reader feedback to writers is anonymous.
  • How long do readers get to review submissions?
    Readers get one week to review up to two blurbs and six weeks total to review first chapters and manuscripts. Writers can expect to get feedback shortly after reader reviews are complete.
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