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About Us

The Good Book Collective is not a publisher, but a system that aims to help writers of good books successfully publish their novels.


We also provide readers with influence and choice in the books they read and promote. Self-published and traditionally published authors may submit to the Good Book Collective and have access to the reader feedback program.


Together, we can create a supportive, self-sustaining environment for readers and writers.

Readers both recommend what books move forward for publishing support and give feedback to writers. Readers are also encouraged to help promote the books they love.


Writers submit polished materials via our proprietary system. They will receive feedback from readers and if their novel scores high enough will receive the following support:

  • Assistance on how to self-publish their novel

  • Marketing information and access to marketing opportunities through the organization as well as our network of readers and authors.​

  • Access to mentors

It is our goal to both help bring great books to readers and help authors find success.

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