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Do you need feedback on your polished manuscript and marketing blurbs?

Do you want to publish your novels in a supportive environment

and help your books find their audience?


The Good Book Collective is a partnership that helps writers get the feedback they need.

The Good Book Collective has a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities

to help authors succeed.

Books submitted to the Good Book Collective are reviewed via a screening process whereby readers evaluate and score 75-word blurbs, 350-word descriptions, the first thirty pages, and completed novels.

Authors receive feedback on submitted materials from readers. The Good Book Collective provides author support, including access to mentors, publication assistance, marketing guidelines and examples, and promotion assistance through the organization as well as our network of readers and writers.

Most importantly, you will become part of a group of writers who want to be or have been published. The collective part of this venture is sharing our knowledge and supporting each other. Online events and other ways to participate are available.


The Good Book Collective is now accepting women's fiction and romance submissions.

Writers must be registered as readers and may review as many novels as they would like.

Writers will have the opportunity to have readers in their genre review their work.

Writers will submit a:

  • Polished blurb (75-word maximum)

  • Book description (350-word maximum; similar to query letter)

  • First thirty pages

  • Complete, polished manuscript

It is critical that the submission be polished

because each novel may only be submitted once.

The Good Book Collective is not a beta-reading or critique partner service.

Selection Process

Writers will receive anonymous feedback from readers.

There is no guarantee that readers will read beyond the blurb, and

it is completely at the reader's discretion how far they review any manuscript.

Writers who plan to self-publish and have high-scoring, polished manuscripts will be eligible for support in publishing and promoting their novels. These writers must agree to professional editing and design standards and are encouraged to create a marketing plan from a menu of options and/or their own ideas.

Selected writers will have access to:

  • A customizable, self-publishing worksheet

  • The ability to purchase mentor support from self-published authors and specialists

  • Promotional support from the Good Book Collective, writers, and readers


We try to keep our costs as low as possible at the Good Book Collective. The total charge for submissions received in 2022, is $100. The payment of $100 is due upon submission.

Feedback will be given to the writer as it comes in from readers.

All feedback is expected within ten weeks.

Authors whose novels receive positive ratings and who decide to self-publish will have access to Good Book Collective promotions, networking, and self-publishing information. Self-publishers who become official Good Book Collective authors will pay a $10 per month fee (starting in 2023) which includes a page on our website and continued access to promotional opportunities.

Should you want help with publishing or marketing, you are encouraged to

work with experienced Good Book Collective mentors who set their own fees.


Submissions are now open.
Please fill out this form to
receive submission information.

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