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Do you need feedback on your polished manuscript and marketing blurbs?

Do you want to publish your novels in a supportive environment

and help your books find their audience?


The Good Book Collective is a partnership that helps writers get the feedback they need. The Good Book Collective has a variety of marketing and promotional opportunities to help authors succeed.

​There are now multiple ways to get feedback on your novel!

  • Hook Wars – Readers will rank up to five hooks (maximum 150 characters each) and can provide feedback about their favorite.

  • Cover Duels – Readers choose between two covers.

  • Blurbs & First Five Pages – Readers give feedback on an author’s blurb (maximum 75 words) and first five pages (maximum 1,250 words)

  • Step-by-Step Review – Readers have access to a short novel description, a longer description, the first thirty pages, and the complete manuscript. Readers decide at each stage if they want to continue and provide feedback.

  • The Good Book Collective also provides author support, including access to mentors, publication assistance, marketing guidelines and examples, and promotion assistance through the organization in addition to our network of readers and writers.


​Most importantly, you will become part of a group of writers who want to be or have been published. The collective part of this venture is sharing our knowledge and supporting each other. Online events and other ways to participate and promote your writing are available.

Should you want help with publishing or marketing, you are encouraged to work with experienced Good Book Collective mentors who set their own fees.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Please join our list if you are interested in submitting to the Good Book Collective.

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